Timberfest – recycled and natural materials – Collaborative installation with Wanda Bennett, Jodie Kearns and Donna Robinson – 2017 – Mackay




Floating Mandala – recycled bits including plastic bottle tops, perspecs, cds, water bladders and poly pipe – collaborative installation with Cheb Jefferies – 2016 – Wasted Beauty Exhibition, Mackay


UV Installation – Paper, Cane and Bamboo Lanterns with UV light – Collaborative Installation with Wanda Bennett, Jan Ward and Pam Hutley – 2015 – Animating Spaces MackayUP UP River project, Mackay.

Uv 3

UV Installation 2015

Lanterns at night


Bombora – ceramics, textiles, found objects -Collaborative Installation with Joanne Wood and Tracey Robb – 2015 – The Upstairs Gallery, Mackay

Exhibition photo 7 - Copy    DSCF5380  Exhibition photo 9 - Copy  DSCF5390

Turtle Eggs – ceramics – Collaborative Installation with Joanne Wood – 2015 –The Upstairs Gallery, Mackay

Turtle egg installation 2015

Avant Garden – Weaving, Bamboo, Fibres – Collaborative Installation Wanda Bennett, Tracey Johnson, Kate Brunner, Leonie Wood, May Brit-Mosshammer, Jan ward and Lalune Croker – 2014 – Wintermoon Festival, Mackay

2014 Avant garden group  avant garden entrance  weaving

DSCF4401  DSCF4407  DSCF4404DSCF4400

Recycled is Beautiful – bottle tops – Installation – 2008 – Orallo Street, Brisbane

flower  swirl  white

DSCF0630 DSCF0627 DSCF0632

DSCF0617 - Copy

DSCF0605 DSCF0569  DSCF0593

Creation– Pit fired stoneware, Bamboo, Paper, Found objects- Installation- 1997, Seccumb Space, Brisbane

creation top view  creation cose up  creation side view

creation cose up 001

 Eye can see you – pit fired stoneware, copper, wood. light- Installation- 1997, Seccumb Space, Brisbane

ceramic eye