Symbiosis 2015

An exhibition and installation based on the Great Barrier Reef. Created collaboratively with fellow ceramic artist Joanne Wood and textile artist, Tracey Robb.

The installation replicated a coral bombora (bombie) which progressed from brightly coloured healthy coral to bleached lifeless coral. It was our intention to use this coral bombora to demonstrate the effect of coral bleaching due to environmental damage caused by pollution, global warming and thoughtless development.

After the exhibition the installation was donated to the Mackay Conservation Group. We also ran a series of workshops to sculpt Great Barrier Reef corals and sea creatures from clay and textiles. The aim of these workshops was to enjoy creating and learning new skills while discussing ways we can make changes on an individual basis and through our communities, to help protect our marine life.


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DSCF5514    Turtle egg installation 2015    Exhibition photo 13Exhibition photo 7 - CopyDSCF5380            Exhibition photo 9 - Copy